We make the best of your product

We are specialized in product photography for websites, e-commerce ( amazon, ebay, etc. ) and catalogs. Our staff of creative professionals has over a decade of experience shooting products in large or small batch orders. 

Whether you have one or hundreds of items to photograph, we can help you achieve greater sales by representing your image with professional results at an affordable price.

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Why Choose Inbox Photography

Affordable Pricing

Quality does not have to come at a high price. High volume allows us to keep operating costs low, which we pass on to our customers. Our packages can start as low as $30 per image, and large orders can be custom priced based on product. No project is too small or too large for our team!

Fast Completion

Time is of the essence when a product has to make it to market in the right amount of time. Our turnaround time can be less than a week, but please contact us for exact lead times. Certain products can take more time due to image complexity.

Major E-commerce Product Friendly

Websites such as Amazon, E-bay and have specific image requirements, and we have completed many projects which have been placed on those sites. Our experience with above mentioned specifications will take your worries away from image editing, and let you focus on your product.

How The Process Works

Our goal is to make this process as easy and user friendly as possible. If you have a product, only a few simple steps separate you from a finished image ready to post. We will answer any questions you might have, and can help make suggestions if necessary.
  • 1. Contact us

    We want to hear from you, and any of the following means is acceptable E-mail, phone or our contact form. Please contact us before shipping any products to our address, so that a quote can be provided for your order.

  • 2. Shipping of products

    We prefer to receive products undamaged and in one piece, so please use caution when packing and shipping the products to us. If you have multiple samples of the same item, make sure to choose the one which best represents that product. When shipping your product, make sure to send a signed copy of our quote along with it.

  • 3. Photographing Your Products

    After receiving your products, we will contact you and confirm their arrival. At that point there are a couple of ways we can approach the photography process. One of the options is for you to send us instructions on what you would like to see, and how you wish the images to be taken. Another option would be for our experienced team to choose what images would best represent your product. Your products will be added to our shooting queue as soon as payment is received.

  • 4. Receiving Your Photos

    a. Once completed, your photos will be available in a private on-line gallery, accessible only by you and protected by a password. Once you are satisfied with the result and approve the images, we will ship your product back to you.